About Me

My name is Lori Doty and I began my journey with clay about 10 years ago. I was in college in Springfield, Missouri; while studying Premed classes I felt a bit overwhelmed by the lack of creative outlets for myself and decided to take a ceramics class. Needless to say I was hooked. With time my skills and the amount of work I have been able to produce have improved significantly. I graduated from a small 3 cubic foot electric kiln to a HUGE electric kiln about 3 years ago. I still work in the medical field as a nurse, but my true passion is pottery. The clay I have chosen to use is porcelain—I like how soft and pliable it is. Although I use some commercial glazes I now mix my own as well.

The name Morfar is a shortening of Morgaine of the Fairies and comes from my love for Celtic legends. It turns out Morfar is a Danish word for maternal grandfather. While that is neat it had nothing to do with my choice of name.

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